Buttocks Massage

A thorough buttocks massage will usually also include a hip massage and thigh massage. If the client is in a front lying position I usually warm up both sides of the buttocks at the same time, after that I work on one side at a time.


Below are some video suggestions for the buttocks in side lying position. I prefer this position as I have also access to the front part of the hip and can work all around the hip joint.

All the techniques shown can also be done with massage oil or lotion.

This massage is especially appreciated by women who deal with cellulite on the hip, buttocks and thigh area. This massage will help reduce fat deposits and the unpleasant appearance of cellulite and will firm up the buttocks.

Cellulite can be seen as an area of sluggish tissue. Massage will increase the circulation and therefore the energy flow in these areas and will help to flush out waste material from the connective tissue and fat layer of the skin.

This will of course take place over time. Massage is not magic. So be patient!

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